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Angel Dream by Shon Hudspeth

My Dreams are enriched with Intense Color and Movement. As a child I would marvel at the different variations of shapes and colors and applaud as the would harmoniously unite ~ whether it be a person, through kindness, a sunrise or even a birthday cake. I found myself looking for the compilations that God would so beautifully surprise and inspire me on a daily basis. I am Humbled by God’s Divine Choreography and I never realized that one day He would validate His existence to me in 1976 with a trip to the mall in Birmingham, Alabama. 

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I was wandering and perusing store windows when I passed by a Spencer Gifts retail store. What I saw hanging in the window display stopped me in my tracks, took my breath and literally made my palms and mouth salivate. I knew then that there Was a God , for He had created my version of “Perfection”. This radiant image was none other than the famous Farrah Fawcett Red Bathing Suit Poster!! I marveled at how intricately and delightfully her features exuded grace, energy, health, beauty, happiness and fragility. Needless to say, this 10 year old boy was Smitten!! For the next 2-3 years, I would wear a different Farrah Fawcett / Charlie’s Angels T-shirt literally every day to show my support and honor. I started spending All of my allowance on magazines, posters, newspaper clippings, memorabilia, etc. My parents were afraid that I was becoming a bit “obsessed” and tried to persuade me to use my money for other forms of fun or entertainment. Ironically I wouldn’t falter, for I was perfectly happy and fulfilled by the adoration of Farrah and her sister “Angels”. She and her co-stars formed my opinion and outlook on women.

 My Mother was the only “Earthly Angel” that I had ever known and these ladies resonated everything that my parents had instilled in me to look for and honor in a woman and other people. I remember one of my sixth grade teachers signing my school yearbook with the line, “One day you’ll find your own Angel”. I know she meant it with the sweetest and most hopeful intentions, but to me I was insulted, she didn’t acknowledge that I ALREADY HAD!! Ha ha I Feel truly Blessed to have had such Inspirational Parents and a Supportive Family to serve as a Foundation for the importance of Seizing any Opportunity to make a Positive Contribution. As time went on, they guided my attention to beauty through art. They were always encouraging me ( and my other siblings) to be the best “us” that we could be. They knew that we were all four bestowed with different gifts and talents and never tried to make or mold us into one cut-out or inhibit who we could become. I am now able to Find Solace, Energy, Joy and Peace through these Aspects in the Spiritual and Physical Sense. I View Every Day as an Art to Reveal Beauty and Share it with Another Person, Express it through a Gesture, or Translate it to a Canvas or an Environment. Fast forward 34 years later ~ Because of the priceless relationships instilled by my family, my younger brother gave me (surprisingly) the greatest “tangible” gift I have ever received. He asked me to meet him at his home one early morning before he went to work . When I arrived, he asked me to sit at the kitchen table where there was a closed bag in the chair next to me. He stated that he felt grateful and thankful that we were brothers and for our strong relationship. He said that he loved me and was inspired by me and had shared that with “someone else“ that I also loved and admired. 

He then stated that they were touched and wanted to do something kind for me and had written me a “letter” as a way of saying Thank You. He placed the letter in front of me and the first line that I saw was Dear Shon ( written in only the most definitive and beautiful handwriting ) and I scanned to the bottom of the letter to see ~ “Fondest Love, Farrah” Instantly I lost my breath and traveled back to the exact moment that I saw her poster and felt the same flood of emotions. I began to cry and immediately jumped up from the table to collect my thoughts and amazement. I didn’t even have to read the rest of the letter (but I definitely did!), I was soooo thrilled that the Angel that I had admired all of my life actually knew of me and my adoration for her!! Along with the letter, she also included a pillow that she had kept in her dressing room during the filming of Charlie’s Angels and other films. Needless to say, My Dreams Had Come True and My life Forever Changed!

 My Motivation is to Reflect Creative Gifts, Encapsulate Beautiful Moments, and Restore Harmony, Zest, Valor and Vibrance and to this so-called Life. After Farrah’s passing in 2009, I chose to pay homage to her by taking her letter and getting her greeting and salutation to me tattooed on my arm. It would serve as a Unity of Spirits and an Opportunity to Celebrate her to anyone and everyone that noticed it. I now make my living primarily through my paintings and artwork. I seek to communicate the emotions that inspire me and others through my paintings and hope to leave them with something tangible that previously couldn’t necessarily be expressed in words. Thank You for Dreaming With Me….. Shon M. Hudspeth 

 Sensored Art Magazine 
 FUN Magazine
 Restaurant News
 Cosmopolitan Magazine 
 Travel Guide 
 Nashville Scene 
 A-List Magazine
 Nashville Lifestyles Magazine 
 City Paper 
 Williamson County Lifestyles Magazine 

Design Coordinator/Executor- Atlantis Restaurant; Nashville, TN 
Design Coordinator/Executor- The Park Cafe; Nashville, TN
Design Coordinator/Executor- The Acorn Restaurant, Nashville, TN 

Permanent Art Pieces Located at: 
 The Yellow Porch Restaurant; Nashville, TN 
 Adelphia Coliseum; Nashville,TN 
 Bound'ry Restaurant; Nashville,TN 
 ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers); Nashville,TN
 Gran Fondo Cycles; Nashville, TN 
 Park Cafe; Nashville, TN Regus Business Centre; Nashville, TN

 Contributed Artwork Affiliations: 
 Et du Vin (Benefit for Cancer Research) 
SOS "Share Our Strength" (Feed the Hungry) 
 ARTRAGEOUS: NASHVILLE CARES (Benefit for the Cure of AIDS) Nashville Symphony 
 T. J. Martell Foundation/Gilda's Club
 "Star Doodles" c/o March of Dimes 
 Nashville's Table (Homeless Shelter) 
 Vanderbilt Children's Hospital; Nashville, TN
 Belmont Mansion; Nashville, TN
 Nashville Children's Theatre 
 Oyster Easter; Nashville, TN 
 American Cancer Society Nashville Heart Gala

Honors: Voted "Best Local Visual Artist 2001" Best of "Nashville Scene" Readers' Poll

 “Angels” painting featured on www.charliesangels.com website 
Label Design- Atlantis "Unity Syrah" Arcadia Winery-2000 Vintage

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